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At Future Blinds, our aim is simple: to help give you the best-dressed living spaces on the Sunshine Coast. To deliver this, we’re proud to offer a very special selection of shutters, custom-made for you.

Buying from us means tapping into more than three decades’ experience. So whether your tastes are traditional or contemporary, we know exactly what it takes to get the perfect match for your design aspirations, usage requirements and the characteristics of your home. It’s why, when it comes to Future Blinds shutters, Sunshine Coast customers know that their home is in the best possible hands.

Tailor-made shutters make all the difference.

For shutters, we believe that everyone deserves a perfect fit. Material, colouring, style – and of course, the right size for the intended location: our custom-made shutters are carefully crafted for individual living spaces.

With shutters manufactured in-house, there’s no middle-man. This lets us keep our prices low and pass on the savings to you. All of this allows us to offer a winning combination of craftsmanship and value.

Having supplied premium shutters since 1985, we’re the go-to experts for advice on the best materials, styles and finishes to meet your specific needs.

Built with your environment in mind.

To meet the demands of the Queensland climate, shutters have to be able to stand up to the elements – including extremes of temperature, humidity, and sunlight. Future Blinds specialises in creating timber “Sunshine Coast-friendly” external shutters – including timber and cedar shutters. These boast an innate resistance to moisture, UV and other weather damage – shielding your home from summer heat and winter cold alike.

The same attention to detail applies to internal shutters, with a range that includes hard-wearing Aluminium and PVC shutters, ideal for the bathroom, kitchen and other humid areas.

Helping you take control of your space.

As well as helping to frame your home, our shutters can also help you to actively shape your living space. Offering privacy, security and flexibility, many of our shutters are available in bi-fold, sliding and hinged variants. These are ideal for creating a partially-enclosed outdoor living area – and for tweaking your internal space layout to meet your specific needs.

Delivering kerb appeal.

Far from being just an afterthought, our customers look to us to deliver the wow factor. With a collection that’s designed to inspire, our shutters offer up countless ways to enhance the comfort, character and value of your home.

Timber Shutters

Whether your tastes are traditional or contemporary, when it comes to wooden shutters, Sunshine Coast customers rely on Future Blinds to showcase their home at its very best.

Robust yet beautiful; stable, yet much lighter than man-made materials, Timber shutters work on every level. But getting it right depends on quality; something that Future Blinds is committed to.

Painstakingly sourced, all our timber outdoor shutters are tested for endurance at the extremes of humidity and temperature. This selection process results in timber shutters that are guaranteed to turn heads: a premium window covering that’s built to last.

Keeping you fully in control of the level of light that comes into your home, our timber shutters also offer superb sound absorption and heat insulation. They are one of the most instantly effective ways of enhancing your home’s comfort, aesthetic appeal – and value.

Why choose Future Blinds for your timber shutters?

The phrase ‘built to last’ could have been coined just for Future Blinds. Here’s why…

  • Framed just for you. All our timber shutters are custom-made for individual customers, taking into account your design aspirations, choice of finish – and the characteristics of the building. These are tailor-made premium window coverings.
  • Tap into more than 30 years of experience. Our family owned & run firm has been supplying premium shutters to Sunshine Coast customers since 1985. Over those three decades, we’ve developed a reputation as the go-to experts for advice, craftsmanship and service.
  • A selection designed to inspire. From timber sliding shutters through to timber bi-fold shutters and timber hinged shutters, available in three blade sizes, painted or stained, we offer an ever-growing range of options to suit all tastes.

To discover what’s possible speak to Future Blinds today.

Timber shutters in a bedroom Timber shutters in a living room

PVC Shutters

For PVC, Polymer and Poly-resin Shutters, Sunshine Coast homeowners know that Future Blinds are the go-to experts.

With our stylish range of Polymer Shutters, the focus is squarely on quality and craftsmanship. All Future Blinds Polymer PVC Shutters are advanced Synthetic Shutters engineered specifically to be resistant to peeling, warping and chipping. Tough enough to withstand moisture, heat and UV rays, these flame-retardant Polyresin Shutters are ideal for the bathroom, kitchen, laundry room and other humid areas.

If you want low-maintenance Faux wood Shutters that stay looking good as new for longer, these PVC Composite Shutters fit the bill perfectly. Available in many different colours, these composite shutters have strong insulating qualities; just what you need for regulating noise and temperature.

Polymer PVC shutters have an extremely durable surface and are energy efficient. At Future Blinds we engineer your shutters to suit every situation and the way you live today.

Why PVC Shutters from Future Blinds?

  • Made just for you. We consider, consult, measure and advise, guiding you through your options and providing you with custom-made synthetic shutters, crafted to suit your design aspirations and the needs of your home.
  • A reputation spanning three decades. Our family owned & run firm has been supplying quality window coverings since 1985. With Future Blinds, our customers know their home renovation or remodelling is in the best possible hands.
  • A selection designed to inspire. From the practical finishing touches to your kitchen, through to centrepiece plantation shutters, our very special range of shutters delivers style, practicality and quality you can count on.

To discover what’s possible in your home, speak to Future Blinds today.

pvc shutters in a bathroom pvc shutters above a bathtub

Cedar Shutters

When you invest in cedar shutters, you bring something very special to your home.

Western Red Cedar Shutters sit at the apex of premium window coverings. With a warmth and character all of its own, this material has the ability to enhance any environment where it is put to work – whether traditional or contemporary.

The timber we use to create our Cedar external shutters is sourced from certified forests in British Columbia, Canada. Boasting unrivalled longevity, our Cedar outdoor shutters are second to none when it comes to insulation from summer heat and winter cold alike.

With a range that includes Cedar plantation shutters, Cedar sliding shutters, Cedar bi-fold shutters and Cedar hinged shutters, browse our selection of exquisite ways to instantly enhance the comfort, character and value of your home.

Why Cedar Shutters from Future Blinds?

Thanks to our combination of expertise, experience and craftsmanship, we are ideally placed to help you:

  • Custom-made shutters. All our Cedar shutters are expertly crafted and custom-made for individual living spaces.
  • Three decades of experience. Our family owned & run firm has been providing expert advice and supplying quality window coverings since 1985. Whatever their design preferences, with Future Blinds, our customers know their home renovation or remodelling is in the best possible hands.
  • A very special selection of premium shutters. Available in a range of colourings and styles (plantation, bi-fold, sliding and hinged), our range of shutters are designed to inspire.

To discover the difference Cedar shutters could make to your home, browse our range, our speak to Future Blinds today.

cedar shutters in a bedroom beautiful cedar shutters in a bathroom

Aluminium Shutters

Sleek, strong and effortlessly stylish, aluminium shutters provide the perfect finishing touch to any home. From outdoor porches through to internal aluminium bi-fold shutters, the Future Blinds shutters range of aluminium external shutters and aluminium internal shutters is designed to inspire.

Aluminium has superb natural corrosion resistance, making aluminium outdoor shutters a smart choice for protection against the elements. And thanks to strong light and heat-reflective qualities, aluminium external shutters are ideal for keeping rooms cool in summer months. Offering privacy and security, aluminium sliding shutters can also help you create a well-ventilated, partially-enclosed outdoor living space.

Aluminium hinged shutters can be put to work as attractive room dividers, in the patio or conservatory, or as a means of additional protection for more vulnerable windows.

To discover what’s possible for your home, contact us to take a closer look at the Future Blinds range.

Why Choose Aluminium Shutters from Future Blinds?

  • Custom expertise. Our custom-made shutters are expertly crafted to suit the individual needs of our customers and their homes.
  • More than three decades of experience. Future Blinds has been operating locally since 1985. We are a local family owned & operated business, dedicated to providing the Sunshine Coast with quality window coverings.
  • An unrivalled choice. With a product selection that includes plantation shutters, bi-fold shutters, sliding shutters and hinged shutters, our ever-growing range is designed to help you discover the difference high quality window coverings can make to your home.

For adding value to your home – along with insulation, privacy and the element of style you are looking for, speak to Future Blinds today.

aluminium shutters in an open entertaining area view of a patio with aluminium shutters

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